Sunday, September 4, 2011

Talk WITH The Hand

You know that old saying, "Talk to the hand!" Well, Brianna takes a different approach to that phrase and lives "Talk WITH the hand!" This video is just another day several weeks ago when we were doing another tower of blocks, and she wanted to do animals again (we do do other categories, such as food, things, colors, etc... I promise!) But the reason this video is different from the last one I posted is because there are so many of her quirks in this video:

  • Around 10 seconds, you see her put her hand up to say, "No, no tower, just animals." She also puts her hand up like that when I'm following too closely behind her on the stairs. She'll turn around, put her hand up, and say, "Stop, Mommy. Stay there." She'll go up a couple of stairs and say, "Okay, go Mommy!" Then you can see her using her hand to really gesture and make her point!!
  • Around 45 seconds you see her "eat" the grapes that are on the block. She then connects that to her memory of eating grapes at Oma's house the last time we were there. This video was taken only about a week or so after we last saw Oma, so she doesn't have a miracle memory or anything. But I love the hand gestures at this point as well when she's discussing the grapes at Oma's house.
  • Around 1:50 you see the beginning of a long cycle... her finger is covering up the animal on the block and I am constantly trying to get her to see it, she's constantly moving the block and still covering it up with her finger, and seeing one picture over and over - "Fiddle Dee Dee" (which is a Kindermusik song) - the fiddle.
  • Around 3:04 she connects the picture of the cat to her memory of seeing Kitty Cat at my parents' house.
  • Camera is full. Cuts off mid-tower. Sad face.

Bri knows a lot of her numbers by sight, and she consistently knows the letters "A", "B", and "C" by sight; sometimes "D", but I've not been working with her on any of that in particular, it's just stuff she's picked up from puzzles and books we have. But the book fanatic inside of me was a little giddy tonight when we started reading a book and she began trying to spell the words!

The book is actually a counting book, and to me this is so interesting the way a child's brain works. She pointed at the number 1 and said, "One!" Then she saw the word "one" next to it and pointed to each letter. "Circle... (mumble)... (mumble)" I recognized that she was trying to spell it out and I got so excited and started smooching on her and everything which is totally unacceptable to her.

Then she did the number two. First she said, "Two!" Then she said, "T... (mumble)... circle!" Haha! But I was a little surprised that she knew the letter T. So the next one, she said, "Three! T... what's that?" "H." "H.... what's that?" "R." "R... what's that?" "E." "E....what's that?" I said, "Brianna, you just said that one! What is it?" ".... E!"

Distracted as she is, when she saw the number four she got very excited for some reason and had to go through the entire book and point out every four that she saw.

Also, tonight I heard her sing the entire alphabet song without missing any letters for the first time. Parents of young children, when things like that happen, doesn't it make you wonder just how long they've known these things in their head but weren't putting it forth vocally?

And an update on preschool... so far, so good! There were less tears on Wednesday and even less on Friday. In fact, I'm pretty sure she spent some of Friday consoling another child in class - Noah - who she talked about all. day. long. "Noah cried. Wanted Mommy!" I heard that dozens of times on Friday! My favorite part of the morning is going to pick her up, and she always takes my hand when we're walking to the car (which is a rare occasion, for her to want to hold my hand), and I just say, "What did you do today?" and she just goes off. She talks about music, she talks about singing, about sliding, playing outside, snack, and especially, she always says, "No cry! Big girl!" I have tried telling her that big girls can cry too, that it's okay, but she assures me, "No cry!" She has told me they're learning about the circle as a shape, and the color red, which is correct, as the teacher sent out an email to that effect the evening of Open House.

That's enough for now!

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