Saturday, September 3, 2011

6 Years and Counting

Today is a very special day for two main reasons... it is my beautiful sister's birthday and it's also mine and Stephen's anniversary! This year marks six years and boy, is it getting better every year! This anniversary will be a little different from years past - we probably won't do anything at all to celebrate - but I definitely feel like we are closer and more in love than ever! I'm very thankful for my sister and my husband, so today is definitely a beautiful day to me!

Anniversary post 2010 - look at our cute high school picture!
Anniversary post 2009 - first anniversary trip with a baby!
Anniversary post 2008 - anniversary trip to UFC and announcing that we are pregnant!
Anniversary post 2007 - best anniversary trip EVER to Pennsylvania!

For your viewing pleasure...

Oh snap! First vacation together when we were 16 and such hotties!

Ooh yeah, prom '99 baby!

On to college life...

Woo-wee! Look at that smooch!

I love you babe!!

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