Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013 - It's the Little Things

Today we had a closing for a mortgage refinance. It's a pretty big deal because it's going to save us a ton of money in the long run, like almost enough to pay for our groceries alone for the next two years! Wow, that puts it in perspective...

Anyway, we got to the closing today and were under the assumption that we were coming out even - we weren't bringing any money out of pocket to the closing, but we weren't taking any money home either. That was fine with us. But then the closing agent admitted a small error on her part - she had forgotten to give us a particular form. It didn't mean much to us, but it meant a lot to her employer, who said that because we never saw that form, we weren't going to be expected to pay a particular fee.

In other words, the credit union was going to pay us this fee. This fee of almost $1500.

Our jaws kind of dropped. We both asked at the same time if she was going to get in trouble for dropping the ball and she rushed to tell us not to worry about it, that in the five years she's been doing mortgages this has never happened before. In fact, she couldn't understand how in the world she could have overlooked it. Well, I understand completely. My sister put it the best way - "Hello, God!"

God knew we could use that $1500. To the bank, that's a drop in the bucket. To us, that's money that will sustain my bank account alone for probably four months.

So a mistake? I don't think so. Thank you God, for always providing for us! We love these little surprises and really appreciate them!!

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