Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013 - What a Weekend

This has been a crazy-busy, fun-filled weekend! We had family come in town - Leila and Jennifer - and our time was spent very well I'd say. The last two nights were pretty consumed with our impact services at church. Our days were spent relaxing and just playing with our family.

Today we had a nice surprise. After church we came home and are lunch as usual. Hunter went upstairs for his nap and Bri went upstairs for her "relaxation" time. I told her I would come check on her in 20 minutes. I was actually shocked at what I found twenty minutes later. If you're on Facebook you probably know what I found... a little girl, fast sleep on the floor, covered by her blanket, with her toy food from a picnic right beside her. Most precious girl ever! Bri doesn't take naps anymore so I was surprised to see this. Since Hunter was sleeping too that meant I got to relax, read my Bible in bed, read a little of my David Platt book, and even doze for a good 20 minutes. Then Stephen's family came back over and his mom cooked a delicious meal! We took the kids to Dairy Queen for dessert, and then I spent way too much time talking crafts with Leila. She has this awful way about her that makes me feel like I can craft anything I set my mind to, and I think we all know that's not the case. But, hey, I can be a good assistant to her!

 Even though we missed church tonight it was a great weekend and tomorrow will be great too - we're having a belated Christmas party with family and friends tomorrow night! I can't wait!

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