Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6, 2013

"Okay kids, you look so cute! Let's take a picture before church."

"Okay... not such a frightened look..."

2013-01-06 09.25.40

 "Okay, Bri, try to just look normal. Don't make ANY faces. Just smile."

2013-01-06 09.26.05

 "Hunter, bring my shoes back!"

2013-01-06 09.26.28

 "Yay! You guys are the cutest!"

2013-01-06 09.26.42

This morning at church we had a special singing by Rick Strickland. He has come to our church before and he is awesome. When you hear him sing you can't help but sing along, and clap, and praise God! And also - laugh! He is a lot of fun and he has a beautiful voice, so I really enjoy seeing him in person.

2013-01-06 11.23.11
2013-01-06 11.20.24
2013-01-06 11.32.47

2013-01-06 11.32.38
2013-01-06 11.32.31
2013-01-06 11.44.45

I got three videos from church this morning.

This one is just over a minute. Just a sample of his singing - I love this song.


This one is one that I LOVE! The video is shaky because I was giggling so much. I bought the CD that has this song on it because it just makes me smile! (Almost 3 minutes)


And this is a gospel train he did with the kids. Really cute! About 35 seconds long.

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