Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013 - Look What I Can Do

Look, it turns out I can even blog from my kindle! The only thing this baby can't do is take pictures!

Everyone is talking about snow tonight. My friends in Robbins got snow. Everyone else is anxiously awaiting the arrival of snow.

I hate cold weather. But snow? Loooooove snow. I think it goes back to a childhood filled with hot chocolate, bundles of winter clothes, snow cream, sledding (only one ER trip ever and it was my DAD and he was... 45ish? That story never gets old), sledding illegally (again, never gets old), and I think the main thing is my mom gets so darn excited when she is anticipating snow!! I love it! So when I hear chances of snow, I don't get hopeful. But I would be lying if I told you I didn't check the weather every hour after about 6pm... or if I said I didn't look out the window a good handful of times. There is just something fun about that "what if?" of snow. Stephen got a two hour delay but in military code that doesn't really mean anything.

So, anyone besides Robbins see anything?

Okay, so right after I posted this I checked Facebook and my friend Candy said it was snowing, then another friend and another, all around my house, so I opened my blinds and voila! Snow! Won't stick but it will excite Brianna when I tell her in the morning!

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Ken Loyd said...

Yes, we shared the excitement, naturally. Our brief snow came between 11:30 and midnight. A little stuck and it was melting fast. But it was beautiful coming down. Maybe it's a prelude-- some of our best snows come in February. Or we could always drive about 20 miles north or west next time! They always get more.