Monday, November 3, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 51 and Day 52

Day 51 - Wednesday

Started off our morning at work! One of Bri's favorite things is reading to the younger children. Whenever she reads a new book I try to snap a picture to remind myself to add it to her online bookshelf. If we own the book, it gets moved to her real bookshelf in her room, too, so every book in her room is a book she can read by herself!

You can check out her online bookshelf here (I think this will work).

We found a spider so of course we had to capture it! I think it's a wolf spider?

Back at home - school time!

Bible time - talking about Joshua and Gideon

Living Long Ago - Looking at food in Europe 200-300 years ago:

 Poetry: "Hush, Little Baby", "Bedtime", "A Prayer", "The Importance of Windows"

 I Heard Good News Today (missionary story) - "A Good Samaritan"


 Language Arts: She had to put a box around the vowels, circle the word that rhymes with "fib" and underline the word that is a name.

 Vocabulary: She had to think of words that have to do with cooking. She came up with: spoon, bowl, soup, pickles, plates, fork, stir, pour, slide things, knife, chop, mixer, aluminum foil, apples, and corn.

Day 52 - Thursday

Bible story - "A Shout for the Lord" (Gideon)

Verse of the week:

Missionary story - William Carey (Hunter walks around now saying, "Sit down young man! Sit down young man!"

Poetry: "Sleep, Baby, Sleep", "Rock-A-Bye", "Niddledy, Noddledy", "Circle of Happiness", "On Being Thankful"


Sometimes we read like this:

 And sometimes we read like this:

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