Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 53 and Day 54

Day 53 - Friday

Bible story - The Sun and Moon Stand Still

Bible verse of the week:

Missionary story - "Whoever Sows Sparingly Will Reap Sparingly"

Poetry: "Pinch of Peace", "Heartsong"


A worksheet passed down from Grandpa (Mr. Loyd!) and perfect for a day of school that falls on Halloween!

Trick-or-treating that night:

Our favorite books this week:

(Bri read)

Books we read that were not our favorites:

Day 54 - Monday

Bible story - Samson

Missionary story: David and Mary Livingstone

Poetry: "The Daily Gift", "Barney-Muffins"

Finished reading "Twenty and Ten" which we loved!

 Started our new chapter book, "Mary on Horseback"


 Community Helpers: Farmers

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