Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 57 and Day 58

Day 57 - Thursday

Bible story - "Unselfish Ruth"

Living Long Ago - Discussing French court fashions and french noblemen's homes

Poetry: "Evening Thought", "Scrub-A-Dub", "Night-Light Magic" (this concludes our Heartsongs book), and "The Clever Hen"

We finished our latest chapter book - "Mary on Horseback"


 Language Arts:

The dangers of giving Hunter a catalog in which he can circle things he wants for Christmas. Hint - everything gets circled!!

My sweet girl cleaning up after dinner (without being asked):

Bible verse:

Day 58 - Friday

I love to see the kids playing nice! Here is Bri with her "baby" Hunter:

They love to lace while I read:

 Talking about Ruth's story:

Missionary story: "The Search Among Thieves"

Poetry from a new book, "A Pizza the Size of the Sun": "A Pizza the Size of the Sun", "Eyeballs for Sale!", "My Elephant is Different", "Spaghetti Seeds", "News Brief", "A Frog, A Stick"


 New game alert! Okay, I found a website that has a ton of math games and all you need are Uno cards! This was a game called "Snappo". Basically, you lay out your cards one at a time and have to match the pairs that add up to 10. It was a great game to practice addition, and of course you could take some cards away and change the numbers, or switch over to subtraction. We really enjoyed this.

 You see the winner's pile! (I normally don't let my children beat me in card games but I made an exception!)

Hunter's math work:

Bri's math:

 Language Arts: Writing down her blend words from the day before:

 Listening to me say four words and she had to spell them out:

Reading a new book in the most comfy spot!

Bri filled up her reward chart, so she got Purple Penguin!

Our favorite library books this week:

 Brianna's reading books:

This is a 3-minute video of Brianna reading one of her Orton-Gillingham books:

This video is 2 1/2 minutes long. Almost every night, Bri makes up a song at bedtime. I always wish I had my camera to tape her. This particular night, I did! I really hope you can understand her. We were trying to be quiet so we didn't wake up Hunter in the next room. For some reason I got tickled about something she said so I was trying to hold in my hysterical laughter and keep quiet, which resulted in lots of snorting while laughing! I apologize for that! (I was leaving for the beach with some girls from church the next day, which is what she is talking about at the end)

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