Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm a HO! (Home Owner, crazy)

Stephen and I are official home owners in Pinebluff, NC! Woot woot! Our closing was rocketed up to 2:00 pm today. We had the keys by 5:00 pm. I took mom and dad to the house tonight. Mom couldn't climb the stairs but I took pictures of the upstairs bedrooms and showed them to her. They loved the house. Me too! I will try not to obsess too much over this as I hate when people center their lives around one central thing like this. But it is a lot of fun to obsess.

What I mean when I say "center their lives around one central thing":

> I can remember planning our wedding. I don't remember anyone else being alive in the world except for me and Stephen. Everything was centered around us. You want to know what we're having for dinner tonight? Well, I don't know, but at our wedding we're having bruschetta! You like the way that candle smells? You should smell the flowers in my bouquet! Etc. etc. I was very self-centered. And not very helpful in other people's weddings, like Dear Ole Sis.
> I have, as you know, many pregnant friends right now. They blame EVERYTHING on being pregnant. You're tired? It's from this baby. Hungry? Eating for two. Grumpy? Crazy woman hormones. Slow? You're weighted down. There's an excuse for it all. And they all feel the need to continually point out the fact that they're pregnant. Mind you, these are women who are 7-8 months into it. It's quite obvious.

Those are probably the main things for my age group. Maybe retirees do it too:

Bill: Hey Ted, do you want to go golfing next Saturday?
Ted: Sure, but what about two months from now? I'll be retired! Woot woot!

I don't know, that doesn't irritate me for some reason.

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Congratulations on your beautiful new house!