Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Those who can't teach, chaperone.

Today was such an exciting day! Lots of stuff accomplished. Today was the day that I chaperoned for dad's class on their field trip to the House in the Horseshoe and the old schoolhouse. I went kind of nervously to the school today, mainly because I'm really not very good with kids. I never know what to say to them or on what level I should speak to them. But I walked into that classroom, and doggone it if they weren't immediately waving at me and accepting me! I sat with Emma on the bus, of course, but spent my day hanging out with mainly her, Autumn, Sarah, Latavia, Spencer, and Jacob, all who latched onto me very quickly for one reason or another. We toured the House in the Horseshoe, played games, ate a picnic lunch, and then went to the old schoolhouse. This is where the fun really starts. I honestly can't describe all that goes on there. Dad "teaches" the kids from an old 1800s schoolbook, gives the bad kids switchings, seats them in a chair with a Dunce cap on, and they play games outside. As soon as I walked in the door from that, Stephen and I packed up our stuff and went to our house. Beginning at 3:30 we were in work mode. Our bedroom furniture was delivered yesterday. Our goal today was for the two of us to unload, put together, and place every bit of that furniture. Included is:

One bed - 168 lbs
5 Drawer chest - 150 lbs
2 nightstands - 150 lbs
Mirror for our dresser - 50 lbs
Dresser - 190 lbs.

LAWDY! Can you believe the two of us moved all that? You should have heard the prayers escaping my breathless lips when we were moving in the dresser. I knew if I dropped that thing, Stephen would kill me! *Side note: if we had paid people to do this for us I wouldn't have had to worry about that. Although now that it's over I'm glad we didn't shell out $500 for the people to do it.* Anyway, we both lived through it. Ran to Subway to get footlongs because we were some hungry workers. Ran to the dumpster to dump our trash (intermittently stopping to tie down the boxes that were leaking trash). Ran to church and got to youth group 6 minutes late. At least we weren't teaching this week! Now I am posting this and some pictures and hitting the hay! Poor Stephen is at work by now, starting his nine hours there. Bless his heart.

So, I just want to post a few pictures that made the field trip today SO awesome. Even if you don't know the kids (which you won't), these pictures are very fun.


jennifer dare kirby said...

You were supposed to let us help with the heavy lifting!! Do you need help tomorrow?

Ken Loyd said...

You're invited in advance to next year's field trip. It was great to have you along-- plus it made up for me not taking your class to those places when I had you in 2nd grade!
Ken (Dad) Loyd