Saturday, May 19, 2007

Old friends, new friends, red friends, blue friends

Tonight we went out with an old and new friend. The old friend is the former Jenn T. (now Jenn C.) The new friend is her husband Anthony. We went to the River Lodge for dinner. We ended up just sitting around talking after dinner, not caring what time it was because Stephen didn't have to leave until after 8 and they didn't have anywhere to be until 8:30. Jenn and I went out two or three weeks ago. It was the first time we'd seen each other in over 5 years. But we had kept up communication very well through phone calls and letters. She has a beautiful baby girl named Zoe and another little boy?girl? that will greet us in October. I was unsure of Anthony because I know that Jennifer is someone who is so sweet that she is easily taken advantage of. I am pleased to find that Anthony is quiet, laidback, and seems to balance out Jennifer's activeness nicely. We are probably going bowling in a couple of weeks, and they have no idea what they're in for. I RAWK at bowling! And I don't like to lose. If one of them wins, I will smile, laugh, and congratulate them. Then once I sit down in the passenger seat of our car and the doors are closed and the windows are rolled up, I will sulk. I'll sulk until Stephen growls at me to relieve myself of my bad mood. I know that it's just a game. But games are no fun unless you win!

The other day on the field trip with dad, we played a game called Poison River. You take ropes and make the width of the "river" wider and wider and keep trying to jump over it. Dad said, "There are no winners or losers with this game. You will lose a foot or leg if you don't make it over. But there are no losers."

Tonight when Stephen gets off work he will be done with night shift. Then he'll go on day shift which is 5am-2pm. That will take some work to get used to I'm sure! Tomorrow we have a full day. Church, then straight to Knollwood for some golf, then straight to church for L.B.'s baby shower, then church, then home to crash! Today we took some stuff over to our house. Stephen mowed the lawn and used the weed-eater. I poisoned the weeds and moved some things into our closet and bathroom. Not a whole lot we can do in the house until the floors are completely done.

I can't believe I'm still up at 10:00. I know that sounds early but I'm on a perfect sleep schedule right now and I don't want to get screwed up. So, off I go!

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jennifer dare kirby said...

Question on the H&R Block thing. Are you more likely to give them another chance because they sent you $100 when you were dissatisfied, or do you think you'll still never use them again?