Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tomorrow we start Memorializing.

When I leave work today sometime between 5:30 and 5:45 pm, it will really start my Memorial Day weekend. This is why:

Tomorrow, my boss and supervisor are leaving on their vacation for Memorial Day. They won't return until Tuesday morning. That means that tomorrow, Saturday (if I choose to work on Saturday) and Monday are pretty much "free" days. Of course I'll get some work done... perhaps.

Tuesday after work I had to go straight to drama practice at church. Drew and I are doing a new play for June that will be really good. Stephen got his script for his play in August. Wednesday after work we went straight to youth group. Stephen taught and I did our new trivia segment. We had youth group outside which was itchy and distracting. But I couldn't say anything because we were 10 minutes late. Tonight, after work we will go straight to church for Peer Pressure Party for the teens. Tomorrow, after work, I will go HOME. To my NEW HOUSE. And only my husband will be there!! And we will live in peace all of our days.

Yesterday was dad's final singalong at school. Anyone who has never had the opportunity to go to a singalong is missing out on one of my favorite childhood memories. Dad has these great songs that his class sings as a reward, like once every 6 weeks or so. I went, as did my friend Jenn C. who was in dad's class with me in second grade. We sang every song at the top of our lungs. And then she cried. I think she wants to revert back to second grade. (Don't we all at some point!) Anyway, the singalong was so much fun, and the kids in dad's class this year are so great. I walked around with Zoey (Jenn's baby) on my hip, pretending she was mine, and hoping people thought she was mine because of how cute she is. I can see why people think it's better to steal babies. It's a lot easier than going through all that hassle for nine months.

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