Monday, December 10, 2007


Okay, I feel like if I don't do this now, I'm never going to do it! I'm finally posting pictures from our youth group lock in on November 30.

So, our lock in was from 7pm to 8am. What did we do that whole time, you ask?

First of all, we played LOTS of basketball. My arms hurt for days after this lock in!!

We sat around playing the guitar and singing songs. (And no, we did not sing Kumbaya)

We had chair races:

We played "Sliders", or "Cliffhanger" with a guitar pick. This was 5:30 in the morning, and took LOTS of concentration!

But I did it!

Some kids got delirious:

Some were dragged down the hall while they were sleeping:

We played Bible Jeopardy:

Unfortunately, girls lost.

And, of course, we played tons of Dance Dance!!

People passed out wherever possible (she's right underneath the basketball goal)

I got to see the beautiful sunrise:

These are our boys:

Okay, these videos are probably pretty lame and embarrassing, but trust me... at about hour 20 of no sleep, it was hilarious!!!

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