Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Old times

Jenn is probably the only person who knows how many online journals I have had (and left behind in the dust). Well, besides Mary and Keely. I was looking through some of them today to see what I was up to years ago. My first journal was started in 2002.

In December of 2002, Mary, Keely and I were living in Frank. We received a Christmas tree from our friend Daniel, and thus named it our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I have a picture of this on my home computer, I will absolutely have to post it. We decorated it with a lay, necklaces, rings, and anything else we could find in our dorm room. For our star we put a stale marshmallow on top with the word STAR written on it.

In December of 2002, I had just gotten engaged to Stephen.

In December of 2002, I went hunting for the first time.

In December of 2004, mine and Stephen's dog Riley was killed by a wreckless driver. That driver being his aunt. She was killed on Christmas Eve, of all days.

In December of 2005, Stephen and I had been married for 4 months.

In December of 2005, I was working in insurance.

In December of 2005, I found out I am mildly allergic to dogs.

In December of 2006, I locked my keys in the car for the first time.

I guess there were a lot more interesting things that happened in those Decembers that I could post about, but then we wouldn't have any secrets between us, now would we?


jennifer said...

The marshmallow star = hilarious!

jennifer said...

I'm so glad you wrote this post because I just discovered I still have two of your old ones bookmarked and they made for some great reading! Ah, college.

Considering how I was an immediate blogging addict once I started a blog, I am amazed I never copied you and started one way back then.

Amanda said...

yeah it's kind of depressing to read the old ones. I'm so much cooler now!

And I'm just glad you started a blog, no matter how long it took!