Thursday, December 6, 2007


We interrupt this regularly scheduled decorating until we find our Christmas ornaments.

That's right, we have planned all week to decorate our Christmas tree tonight. It's not going so well, considering our tree is three feet higher than last year (all our garland and beads are too short) and we seem to have lost our ornaments. Except for Stephen's old Sesame Street ornaments. How could a huge box just disappear? If anyone has seen a huge box that may or may not say "Christmas" on the side.. we'll take it. Even if it's not ours.


Syd said...

hahaha well if I find one, I'll let you know right away

Gail said...

You should come see me. I have ten big plastic bins full of Christmas. Each year when take everything down, I swear I am going to weed out the Christmas decorations. Hasn't happened yet!!! I just can't get rid of the memories.