Friday, January 11, 2008

100 Reasons Why I Prefer My Sister Over Most People

1. Three words (approximately) - Chick Fil-A, Cook-Out, Sonic
2. She makes me feel like I can do anything I want with my life.
3. She commiserates with me over the ignorance of society.
4. Her spontaneity!
5. Her grammatical skillz.
6. We have tons of the same gestures and expressions, and tend to do them at the same time, which makes people laugh.
7. She's up for anything!
8. She can get along with anyone.
9. But she immediately dislikes anyone that I dislike.
10. She defends me.
11. She loves board games.
12. She's a great Trivial Pursuit partner.
13. She sympathizes with me no matter what it is I'm whining about.
14. She suffers through things she doesn't enjoy just to spend time with me (such as UFC!)
15. She makes the best baked beans (equal to mom's, really)
16. We can have long conversations consisting of The Office quotes.
17. She listens to hip hop with me.
18. She loves thrift shopping.
19. She loves reading.
20. She will watch me while I try on every pair of jeans I own and tell me which ones make my butt look great and which ones I should get rid of.
21. She's always honest.
22. When I'm telling her a story, she does everything right - rolls her eyes when she's supposed to, grab my arm when she's supposed to, drop her jaw and widen her eyes when she's supposed to.
23. Our perfect summer day - laying out, drinking wine (or something along those lines), reading part of the time, chatting and gossiping part of the time.
24. Our perfect winter day - by a fire, drinking wine (or something along those lines), reading part of the time, chatting and gossiping part of the time. And also cuddling under sweatshirt blankets.
25. She is absolutely brilliant.
26. She is completely stubborn.
27. She negotiates/haggles in a way that you just have to agree with her or else you're kind of scared she'll come after you in the middle of the night with a baseball bat.
28. She debates... well, see #27.
29. She remembers things. Maybe not birthdays, but other little, seemingly insignificant things.
30. She is so thoughtful.
31. She really and truly listens to me when I complain.
32. She's very open-minded.
33. She gives me all her hand-me-downs.
34. She doesn't get involved in drama, but she loves hearing about it.
35. We have the same motto - It never hurts to ask.
36. She's beautiful and she doesn't even try.
37. She found me a real hairdresser.
38. She gives great (and free to me) real estate advice.
39. She'll split a bottle of wine with me.
40. Family functions are more fun when she's there.
41. Road trips with her are never boring.
42. Snaps!
43. She is so incredibly crafty, even though she will probably deny that.
44. She hates paying full price for anything.
45. She agrees that daycares are sometimes a necessary expense, in order to preserve sanity.
46. She's on a quest for a great yeast roll recipe, as am I.
47. She's a faithful Tarheel fan.
48. We firmly believe that if we had a Target, Trader Joe's, and McAllister's or Fuddrucker's (or both), this town would be set.
49. We love going green!
50. She knows the difference between "they're", "their", and "there" and "it's" and "its".
51. She's involved in the community.
52. She loves '90's music including NKOTB and songs from people like Sinead O'Connor and Extreme.
53. We extremely despise the ignorance of people but give them the benefit of the doubt if they're over 60.
54. We can appreciate new(ish) cars because of the cars we drove the first few years we were licensed.
55. We can share sob stories about the years we were embarrassed by our family.
56. We can be grateful together that our family doesn't even compare to most people's horror stories.
57. We like sharing a bed.
58. We both know it's true that you can marry your high school sweetheart, and not just because you were together for so long.
59. We agree that there is no reason you can't use a towel for at least a week before you wash it.
60. We agree that just because you have a dishwasher doesn't mean you never wash dishes by hand. It does happen.
61. And if you leave them in the sink overnight, BIG DEAL!
62. She indulges me by letting me show her things like Dance Dance and Guitar Hero.
63. She scolds me and tells me I'm not selfish for just wanting to be alone with my husband.
64. She doesn't ever get a look of disgust on her face when she gets in my car.
65. She will go golfing even though she hates it, just for the company.
66. We love each other's butts and are not ashamed to squeeze them in public.
67. We never miss a chance to hug or say "I love you".
68. And if we hug, and say "I love you", and then talk for three more minutes, we'll hug and say "I love you" again... just to make sure that's the note we're leaving on.
69. We can speak in gibberish and actually understand each other.
70. We love farmer's markets.
71. Especially the one in Boone.
72. We cannot handle roaches.
73. But we're also slightly mesmerized by them.
74. Flip flops are a necessity.
75. We're addicted to silly things like Myspace and Facebook.
76. She's very humble.
77. We love artsy stuff, we just can't afford it.
78. We really want some sort of small tattoo, we just are way too indecisive for such a permanent mark.
79. We love pictures; taking them and starring in them!
80. We truly believe our parents really are the best. We're not just saying that.
81. We can sympathize with each other when we inevitably lose the March Madness pool every year.
82. We know the best places to get good sweet tea (Chick Fil-A, Bojangles, Zaxby's are among the top ones; funny that those are all chicken places.)
83. We roll our eyes when we hear advice on marriage from bitter divorcees.
84. We sympathize with each other when we constantly hear the question, "When are you going to have a baby?"
85. We can't wait to have babies together.
86. We love winning, whether it's a raffle, contest, or game that we've just played.
87. We are good at playing tennis together.
88. We both want children but we know we will crave alone time with our husbands, spontaneous trips, etc.
89. There's nothing better than spending all weekend doing nothing.
90. We both have had to learn to live without indoor pets, albeit for different reasons.
91. We remember growing up on Judy Blume, Ramona books, and Lurlene McDaniel.
92. Everything we learned about cancer and scoliosis came from teen fiction.
93. We believe it's okay to have a 10-year-old car if it's still in good condition.
94. I can't imagine living three hours from her ever again.
95. Strawberries deserve whipped cream.
96. She answers my calls when she's screening them.
97. We can have brilliant conversations every time we talk.
98. She inspires me.
99. She deserves every ounce of praise she receives.
100. We're just so alike!!


jennifer said...

Congratulations, YOU just made me TEARY!

Amanda -- THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is amazing and WAY generous. You totally nailed all the "We agree that ..." ones.


Libba Lemon said...

I'm not going to try to pretend like I'm the 3rd Loyd sister or anything...but I love BOTH of you SO MUCH for SO MANY of THESE REASONS!

This is spectacular, Amanda!

jennifer said...

I just had a great idea ... we need to try Snaps on Emma and Jessie. For one thing, they have a smaller vocabulary, so our job will be easier. For another, they are going to think we're really reading each other's minds, so that will be fun. I promise not to crack under pressure like I did with Matt!

Gail said...

#53 - What if they are under 60 but look older. Some of us have this problem.

This was GREAT!!! I love both of you individually and together.

Thanks for being family.

love gail