Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Learn To Be Lazy (take a cue from your cat)

6 a.m. Get up and demand an early breakfast. (Loudly!)

7 a.m. Go back to sleep. (You've been up for an entire hour!)

12 p.m. Sleep some more.

4 p.m. Wake up and stretch. (Think gentle, languid movements - you don't want to strain anything.)

5 p.m. Demand dinner. (Order takeout. Purring at your pizza is optional.)

6 p.m. Graciously socialize with other humans. (Call a girlfriend or a relative.)

7 p.m. Groom yourself (Time for a long soak in a bubble bath.)

8 p.m. Back to sleep (It's been a rough day - and you'll be doing it all over again tomorrow!)

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Gail said...

Very good idea!!!