Monday, January 7, 2008

#13 - Visit Boone again; #52 - See Rachel

Well, since we last talked, there have been many goings-on. Going ons? A lot has happened. We spent several days in Georgia for Christmas and New Years Eve. Then, January 3, Jenn and I left to spend a few days in Boone, having a reunion with some friends we hadn't seen in a reaaaally long time. I have the Boone pictures, but not the Georgia pictures, so I'll do a GA post later. Thursday night was just me, Jenn and Keely staying together. It was absolutely freezing that night, and we were just too lazy and cozy to leave the hotel, so we ordered in some Mellow Mushroom. Of course!! Our hotel had an awesome fireplace and we were really possessive over that spot all night. After eating ourselves silly and sitting by the fireplace for hours, I was completely satisfied with our trip already!

Friday we spent the day roaming around Boone, mainly King Street and the campus. So much has changed in the past couple of years. The old history building is now a parking deck. There were new sidewalks. You couldn't get to the bookstore as easily anymore. Lots of new stores were taking up residence on King Street, and some were getting bumped out of business. I got yet another sweatshirt blanket from Mast, but this one is black and gold, so I can have a little school spirit. I love those things. That night, we met up with Mike and Michelle (surprise!), Rachel, Chelsea and Ashley, and went to Makoto's for dinner. Soooo good. After that, we rushed over to Appalachian Ski Mountain to go ice skating. There were only 20 minutes left in the alloted ice time, so Jennifer and Mike fought the guy there tooth and nail until he gave us a group discount. He even ended up letting us skate almost 20 minutes past closing time, as well! So these pictures are all from our ice skating adventures!!

Oh yeah, we also sat around laughing at the skiers:

You have no idea how hard it was for all 5 of us to stand still on those dumb skates:

I was a little fearful of holding hands and skating, but Jenn and I were good at it!!

I'm a thug, apparently.

Not exactly Mike's idea of fun:

Well, we absolutely had a blast. Although we all had really sore ankles afterwards, and I had a very mild case of shin splints. It probably didn't help that we rushed through the process of renting skates, so they were either too big, too small, too loose, or we just skated incorrectly. It was still SO MUCH FUN and I can't wait to go skating again!!


jennifer said...

The world's one and only thug with striped toe socks.

Amanda said...

Hahaha! True dat.