Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm a Toys R Us kid...

Well, my unwillingness to grow up has finally paid off at my job! Today there was a lady in the showroom with her little girl, who ran to me almost as soon as she saw me. She fired off a dozen questions immediately: What are you doing? Putting together a display. Why? To put these samples on. Do you like working here? ...... (What did she think I would say!?) What do you do all day? What days do you have off?

She was unrelentless. So, in time, I embraced her as a project instead of an annoyance, which kids can sometimes be, you know. So I rattled off a few of my own... How old are you? 7. Where do you go to school? Vass. Do you know Mrs. Cameron? She's my teacher - do YOU know her? Yes, we went to school together. Was she your best friend ever?

It was extremely entertaining. Finally she asked if she could help me put samples on the display. Anyone who works here will tell you that's the most irritating part of new displays. The boards are heavy, awkward, and sharp. So I was certainly willing for her to help me, as long as she didn't get hurt and blame it on me. She did it very quickly!! So I gave her a Hershey's Kiss for a reward. Her reply: "Do you have any other jobs I can do? You don't have to give me candy for a reward every time." Oooookay.

We ended up playing with these mat pieces that are like puzzle pieces; you can fit them together. She really wanted to make a pathway around the store, but we ended up talking too much about Littlest Pet Shops and Webkins, and didn't get much else accomplished. When it came time for her to leave, she asked if I could please come home with her. Unfortunately, I could not. She offered to come home with me and clean my house, which I kind of wish I had taken her up on...

Anyway, it definitely helped with the monotony of the day. Thanks Olivia, you little unaware angel!

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