Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just Kidding

Okay, well, sorry to say this because now I feel a little guilty, but that last blog was my April Fool's joke. I know, it was lame. But thank you to Jenn, Gail, and Katie who stepped up to talk me out of my craziness!!

April Fool's Day used to be my favorite holiday growing up. I would plan for weeks on what I was going to do to terrorize my classmates and family. I remember one year I got sick and had to be out of school on April 1, and I spent the whole day crying. Yikes! When I got to college, the jokes got to be a little funnier. One year, Mary and I went to our neighbors' apartment, because they never locked their door, and we turned off their electricity at the breaker box. They came over after classes asking if our power was out, and we searched their apartment with them "trying" to figure out what had happened. It took them like two hours to realize what was up. Meanwhile, we had also rearranged their apartment, tied their sink sprayer down with a rubber band, and I can't remember what all else. That was probably the hardest I've ever laughed at an April Fool's joke!!

So, you can't get rid of me that easily. I do love blogging, and I can't wait to continue on in it.

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Katie said...

I seriously believed you. I wasn't even thinking of the fact that it was April fools. How crazy is it that I can recall you loving April 1st? Funny!