Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend update

We had a really great weekend, but nothing major was goin' on. Friday night Stephen got called kind of last minute for a bachelor party, so I had the house to myself! I had plans of lounging in my PJs watching movies for four hours, but that didn't happen. I forced myself to unpack from New York (please pretend you didn't read that) and I just got in this gigantic cleaning frenzy! I ended up filling up six bags of giveaway stuff, and that was only from our closet/bedroom. I am amazed at the stuff I keep for no reason. Let GO, Amanda! My next project will be two boxes in the attic and all the boxes in the garage. I know there's a ton of stuff I can easily part with.

Saturday, I worked a bit in the morning until Stephen called me and begged me (yes, begged me) to come home early so we could start golfing earlier. We were worried we were going to get rained out. It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. After about five holes, we met up with some guys from church who waited on us and we finished our game with them. We then went home to relax, take a nap, and do some school stuff. We went to Steve's for dinner and to watch UFC 83. We had the best hamburgers and I finished my book before the fight, so it was a good night! Yesterday was nice too. Church was great as usual, and then we went to Granny and Granddaddy's to celebrate mom and Emma's birthdays with steaks and ice cream cake. Delicious!!

I had lunch today with my lovely sis. We Chick Fil-A'ed of course, and then made a pit stop at Fifi's. I love those lunches!

We just had an extremely hard rain that lasted approximately seven seconds. Like, before I could stand up to tell Kathee it was raining, it was over. Cheap! Stephen re-pinestrawed (???) our yard on Saturday so I'm happy for the rain. I hate the bushy look of pinestraw when it's first laid down.

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Gail said...

Collecting is easy, Letting go is hard. You come by this honestly. It seems to be a family trait including ME!