Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This time tomorrow...

I was just about to make a blog about how tomorrow at this time we will be in New York, when I checked my email and got this from Jenn:

How cute is she!?!? So this day of work is DRAGGGGGGING for me. I haven't really talked about the NY trip, so I will do that now! Mom, Jenn, and I are flying to New York from tomorrow to Saturday to celebrate mom's 1 year liver anniversary and early birthday. I am excited mainly because I haven't been to NY in about 8 years. That's so crazy! So we are planning on doing whatever mom wants to do. One night we are going to see Rent definitely. The other nights are just kind of up for grabs, for whatever else we want to do.

I hate packing for trips. I'm always terrified that I'm going to forget something. Like it would be the end of the world if I left my toothpaste here. But I can't help it!! I'm always scared that I won't pack enough books also. It's a curse.

SO EXCITED!*%&()*@#&%)(*#&%)

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