Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Here is the short version of what I've been up to in the past week. And by short, I mean massive overload of pictures and information.

Monday, December 8 - This night was our Christmas party for our ladies group at church. We revealed our secret sisters and ate tons of food. I left with about 10 slices of cheesecake - YUM! My secret sister turned out to be my friend Renee. Her Christmas gift to me was this Willow Tree statue:

Tuesday, December 9: We got our new entertainment center delivered. We also were invited to Emma's Christmas concert for orchestra. The following pictures are our before and after pictures of the entertainment centers, pictures and video of Emma's concert, and an art craft Emma made that was on display in the school.

Wednesday, December 10: We went caroling with all the kids at church. I don't have any pictures of this, so I'll put up a craft I did last weekend instead. All I did was paint it, but I think it's so cute!

Friday, December 12: We were supposed to have our adult Christmas play at church this night but it was canceled. So instead, we had mom and dad over for dinner and to look at all the baby items we've accumulated this far! We had lasagna with a great salad that mom made, and garlic bread. Delicious!! We had a fun time looking through everything and it was nice just to get together and chat with no regards to time.
Saturday, December 13: We had our annual Christmas party with Joy and Jamie, hosted by Jenn and Matt. There was sooo much food. It was a great party, but I was so involved with talking that I only took four pictures. Can you believe that!?!?

Sunday, December 14: Jackie, one of my former clients and present friend, came to church with us. Then her and I went to Friend to Friend for our Christmas party there. There must have been 70 or more people there. There was so much food. I'm seeing a pattern here. Santa Claus came to give the kids presents, but he brought presents for the moms too! We had so much fun we ended up staying for almost three hours. That night, we went to our kids Christmas play at church. I absolutely regret not bringing a camera to record some videos. We have some HAMS in that age range!! We had two kids that probably have future careers as backup dancers. We laughed the entire play, even though it really wasn't supposed to be that funny. It was awesome!

Monday, December 15: I started off my day by tripping and falling on my way into work. So before it was even 8:00, I was already having a bad day! I stubbed my toe on a concrete curb and literally saw stars as I crumpled to the ground. Fortunately, I was able to drag myself to the freezer for ice, and the medicine cabinet for medical tape. I taped my toe to the one next to it and immediately applied ice. Then I made a doctor's appointment for the afternoon to make sure everything was kosher with baby Bri. After a couple of hours I canceled that appointment because I felt fine, but in the beginning I had gone with the motto of better safe than sorry. Bri was fine, but I couldn't say the same for my toe. I got home and hadn't taken the tape off all day, but I just knew it would look normal and I'd get no sympathy from the hubby. Well, after taking the tape off, and even he was grossed out, I knew I had it in the bag!!

These pictures really don't do it justice. It looks much worse in real life. And hurts worse too. But I'm just gonna keep taping, icing, and propping at night. What a day, huh?

Last night we went caroling at Tara Plantation (a nursing home) with church, and did a short play for them. We had about 25 residents show up. I got sucked into a conversation with one lady somehow, and bless her heart, I learned so much about her family. She could have started with In the beginning... and probably had a shorter conversation. But I know a lot of those residents really need someone to talk to and visit them, so I was happy to oblige.

That catches up until now. Maybe I can keep this updated so I don't have to do such a long post next time! Congrats to anyone who finished reading all this!


jennifer said...

a) Your new entertainment center looks fantastic! I am so jealous that your TV doesn't hang over the sides. That must be a good feeling.

b) Mom and I are sitting in identical poses in that last picture from the Joy party.

c) Mom told me about your toe -- I can't believe it! Are you still up for CFA tomorrow?

d) I love you!!

Amanda said...

That is so funny about you and mom in that picture! Too cute! Just goes to show we pick up more from our parents than we realize I guess...

I will NEVER. NEVER. not be up for CFA. I will be there or be square.

Ken Loyd said...

I finished reading all of your blog and so did Mom. And I know that one day Brianna will be an avid blog follower, too!

Two Scoops of Shoup said...

Wow lots and lots of stuff always going on in your life!

I finally put up all my 101 things even though I started them before I had all the 101 things LOL.

So you can check it out on my personal blog along the right side.