Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where is that?

Stephen just dropped by to see me at work. I, being the positive thinker I am, assumed he had the rest of the afternoon off! Cool, huh?? Not.

He is being shipped off like an object to Nova Scotia for the night. That's right, Nova Scotia. Could they BE any more random? He has to do some repairs up there and there's only two electricians in the shop that are qualified to go, so it's his turn. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. I mean, I've been to Canada, but never Nova Scotia. But he's never even been further north than Ohio, so this should be a real treat for him! Right now it is 8 degrees there, and tomorrow's high is 4, so he will probably never want to go back to Canada with me.

I hate sleeping alone, so I may sleep on the couch tonight - it's more comfortable for my bulging belly right now anyway. I know there are people who go much, MUCH longer than one night without seeing their spouse, but it gets me everytime!

Maybe I'll actually get some of my homework done...

*Edit - Stephen just called and his services are no longer necessary. The trip has been postponed indefinitely. Yippee! I get a Christmas tree tonight after all!*

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Two Scoops of Shoup said...

I hate sleeping alone as well and always end up sleeping on the couch with my dog and giant quilt until he finally gets to come home. A big bed all to yourself is just too cold!

Well that's good that he didn't have to go after all.....

I see the Christmas tree decorating went well!! I wish my hubby had more of a Christmas spirit and enjoyed the decorating and cookie making, but he doesn't so I am not going to put up another tree alone this year while he plays video games the whole time.

Your mommy ornaments are so cute by the way!