Saturday, January 23, 2010


So, today I was going to Walgreens with one intention - get the RR from the Vicks deal. The only glitch is that I really needed four $2.00 coupons to use on the Day/Nyquil products. And the problem there is that since I only get one newspaper, I only had one of the $2.00 coupons from the latest P&G insert. I've been dumpster diving several times since then but never got another of that specific insert. I spent sooooo long going through the coupons I hadn't organized yet, double-checking them, and spreading my soon-to-expire coupons all over my dining room floor. Brianna loved that part. Finally, I gave up. I was irritated, practically sweating, and had messed up my entire kitchen and dining room just looking for coupons. It was at that point that I thought, "Good grief, do I have a problem???" I didn't really need the medicine, I was just getting it to stock up at a great price. I dug out my old $1.50 coupons. It was still going to be a good deal, after all, and I was starting to feel a little mentally insane.

Then I walked outside, still aggravated. I was going to check the mail.

And there it was.

A huge envelope from Tracey. And a stuffed envelope from Crystal. I knew then that I was an idiot.

Upon opening the envelopes of coupons from these two lovely ladies, I had three more $2.00 Vicks coupons - exactly the amount I had just spent all morning looking for. And I just stood at my kitchen counter, shaking my head.

Why do I constantly forget that God is in charge? Why do I constantly need reminders that He is over everything - including my grocery shopping? I can afford to stay at home with my incredible daughter because God has given me the gift of saving money (passed down from my mother). I completely believe that God throws coupons and good deals at me, He puts things on sale just when I've run out or absolutely need them. If that sounds ridiculous to you, then you don't understand God. Everyone's searching for miracles - miraculous healings, statues crying real blood, blah blah blah. We overlook miracles every single day because of looking for the big ones. It's a miracle that I'm able to buy enough groceries every month for my family and another family in Moore County. It's a miracle that the day after my husband runs out of coffee, the brand he uses goes on sale for half price.

God cares enough about us to provide for our needs - even if it is coffee!!

I've been down to one roll of toilet paper, wondering if I should just give in and buy some, and then the next thing I know I get a new coupon that matches up with a sale. Don't even tell me that's not God watching out for my household.

God is in the small stuff.

I hate the times when I realize how "human" my thinking is. I'm just glad God takes the time to remind us He cares, even when we've forgotten what He just did for us the day before. And I thank God for giving me the opportunity to laugh at myself. I just hope I won't forget this lesson by tomorrow.

By the way, I ended up giving away almost all of the items I got on that special. I really felt like it wasn't mine to keep. I knew there was someone else who needed a break as much or more than we did.


Renee said...

God really does watch out for us even with small things!!! However, I still think you may need some professional help with that coupon addiction!! Just kidding!!!

Amanda said...

Sometimes I think Stephen is going to have an intervention for me! Haha!

Ken Loyd said...

Another beautiful post. I love seeing one affirmation after another that God delights in blessing us in the small, intimate things that might not make any difference to someone else, but He knows it touches our heart.

Amanda said...

After all, what father doesn't want his child to be happy? And give the child things to make them happy? We just seem to have forgotten that "God delights in blessing us". We're so busy asking for everything we don't need or complaining about everything we don't get that we forget that.

JD said...

Love you Amanda!!!!Glad you're part of my family!!!LOL!!!(I just realized that my post may say JD but it's Sandra; Just wanted to clarify that?LOL) I love your coupon Craziness. Keep us inspired!!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Sandra! Love you too and don't worry - I can't imagine ever giving up this coupon craze! :)

Tracey Garner said...

Me, a blessing??? Thanks for the compliment.