Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yet Another

Remember Jenn's post about how she has too many blogs?

Add me to the list.

At risk of keeling over under mom's infamous eye roll, I have started yet another blog. I know this one can get cluttered easily under all my shopping trips, and there are many people who aren't interested in that aspect of my life.

Enter: The Frugal Report.

Okay, so I'm not very original but at least all of my blogs have a pattern. I hope to post even about my embarrassing, over-spending trips, give shout-outs to people who made my shopping easier, and just make you think, "Hey, I'm pretty sure I have that coupon somewhere around here..."

I may also start a budget in February and try to stick to the budget. I have always had a semi-budget but it's very loose - I can spend anywhere from $100-$200 during the month, but I feel like I really don't need to ever spend $200. Even when I save over $600 (December). So I'm going to start somewhere in the middle probably, close to $150, and then I'll be held accountable by the blogosphere to stick to it. And if not, hey, we give March a shot.

You're welcome to follow me over there....


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