Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting Things Done

Yesterday I was so motivated to get a lot accomplished, but at the same time I felt like being really lazy. To better motivate myself I started keeping a list of everything I was getting accomplished. The list turned out really good in my opinion:
  • clipped coupons
  • cleaned stove counters
  • completed and mailed in two surveys
  • clipped coupons for Cindy (and gave them to her)
  • took the trash
  • took the recycling
  • put away dry dishes
  • washed a load of dishes
  • cleaned under my computer desk in the kitchen
  • organized for the February cooking challenge
  • went to Lowe's Food
  • went to Rite Aid
  • went dumpster diving
  • went to church (and taught the lesson)
  • had lunch with mom and dad
  • cleaned our bathroom
At some point I quit listing things, sometime around midnight I think. That's a pretty good haul for one day, especially with a baby, and it's not often I have such an accomplished day. Take today for example. Same idea... results may vary...
  • went to Family Dollar
  • went to Lowe's Food
  • went to Walgreens
  • lunch date with Jenn and Claire
  • went to work
  • clipped coupons
  • completed and mailed two rebates
  • read two cooking magazines
  • organized for another Walgreens trip in the future
  • cleaned the dining room
  • did one load of laundry
  • packed five new bags for Fifi's and one new bag for the Coalition
  • sent out one newsletter for Fed By Faith
Not nearly as much as yesterday but today I was also gone from the house from about 11am till almost 6pm. So not as much opportunity to get things done around here. And I am still working, technically, getting things cleaned up around here.

This week I've gotten a lot done after Brianna's bedtime. One night I was able to reorganize my entire closet and hope chest. I also reorganized the bathroom. We had all of our cleaning supplies in the lower cabinet but now that Brianna is crawling, I was worried she would open the cabinet while I'm in the shower (she loves to open the drawers already, but nothing hazardous in there but Q-tips!) and get into some of those supplies. So I cleaned it all out and they're now on the handy shelves that were built in above our bathtub. It looks neater and now I don't have to worry about Brianna swallowing bleach while I'm scrubbing away my odor.

Okay, I'm off of here. I still want to clean the kitchen before I go to bed. Thank goodness for a baby who sleeps in - otherwise I'd be draggin' the floors every day!!


Ken Loyd said...

You're doing quite a lot with your 24 hour allotment. Or did you get a deal for extra hours--2 for 1 or buy 2, get 3 free?

Daria said...

That is quite the productivity list, Miss Thang! =)

That's actually a pretty good motivator, though - making a list as you go, rather than crossing stuff off like I do.. I may have to try that as I tackle my weekend. So much to do in those 48 hours!! =)

Amanda said...

Dad: Haha, I wish I could get that deal! No, I'd probably find more ways NOT be productive if there were more hours in the day!

Daria: I'm such a list person, and I ALWAYS have a to-do list going. But then I get frustrated when I only mark off a fraction of what I wanted to get done. Making the list as I go is so much more motivating because I wanted to see how long I could make it!!

Anonymous said...

Watch out!

Tracey Garner said...

MY!! MY!!! you have been a busy little bee.