Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Super Doubles Round 7 (Holy cow!!)

I'm not sure I really got any new stuff today, so I'll condense my shopping trip for y'all. Also, they're out of tons of stuff now and it looks like some of it isn't going to be restocked, so I guess I'm out of luck for some things!

Special K bars (x4) = Free

Lance crackers
= Free

Wet Ones
= Free

Gillette shaving cream = Free

Stayfree pads
(x2) = $0.25 each

Reach floss
(x2) = Free

Smart Balance sour cream
(x2) = Free

Final shopping total - Spent $1.55. Saved $40.43. Will probably go out tonight to see if they're restocking...

1 comment:

Brooke and Johnathan said...

They are out of stuff because you've taken it all!!! I'm so impressed... great work!