Monday, January 11, 2010

Super Doubles Round 6

Those of you who don't coupon are probably thinking, "When is this stupid coupon event going to be over so Amanda will get back to her irregular infrequent blogging about her mundane life????" Well the answer is, tomorrow. Tomorrow will be my last trip. But for today, that's all you get. P.S. They were still out of most everything really good. So today wasn't a great day either.

Cream of Wheat
RP $3.99. SP $3.69. Minus $1.00 doubled. FP - $1.69

Rubbermaid tupperware
RP $4.59. SP $3.67. Minus $1.00 doubled. FP - $1.67

Marzatti fruit dip
RP $3.49. Minus $1.00 doubled. FP - $1.49

RP $6.65. SP $2.34. Minus $1.00 doubled. FP - $0.34

Skinny Water (x3)
RP $1.25. SP $1.00. Minus $1.00/3 doubled. FP - $0.33 each

Bayer aspirin (x2)
RP $6.79. SP $2.44 and Buy One Get One Free (eVIC sale). Minus $1.00 doubled. FP - $0.22 each

Beech-Nut baby food (x12)
RP $0.88. SP $0.44. Minus $1.00/6 doubled. FP - $0.11 each

Special K cereal bars
RP $3.29. SP $1.99. Minus $1.00 doubled. Minus $5.00 off when you buy 4 products. FP - Free

King Hawaiian rolls
RP $1.39. Minus $1.00 coupon doubled. FP - Free

Final shopping total - Spent $11.70, saved $50.49. Definitely mediocre. Let me say my excuses though. I splurged on the Cream of Wheat. I haven't had this since I was little and mom used to make it for me for breakfast. I bought it as a comfort food and I suddenly had a craving when I saw the coupon. The tupperware was a splurge but a necessity. The fruit dip was a splurge but I have a ton of apples to go with it, so it will be useful and delicious. Okay, that's all.

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Melody said...

I enjoy seeing your coupon deals, so I don't think it's boring at all! I too have gone to Harris Teeter more than once this week... gotta get it while the gettins' good!