Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Blog Post

I almost forgot to blog today. I'm not attempting to blog every day in January, but I might as well at the moment. I just finished writing an article and Stephen and Jenn are sitting here playing Mario Kart so I'm going to blog while I wait for them to go to bed. Stephen bought Mario Kart for the Wii with some of his Christmas money and we've played it every day since he bought it. It came with a steering wheel which is really cool. The other thing we've done almost every day since being here is called The Game of Things. I'm not sure if I've previously blogged about it or not. It is SO COOL and was my birthday present from my in-laws. It has become a pattern for them to buy me a game for all of us to play together.

This one, one person reads the question. For example, "Things you don't want to say to a police officer." Each player comes up with answers and then you try to match the phrase to the person. People come up with some crazy answers. Like, "What's the occifer, problem?" "Want a donut?" Or one question was, "Things you shouldn't play catch with." Some of the answers were, "Newborn babies", "Stevie Wonder", and "Testicles". The game is pretty rowdy!! I wish I had written some of the funniest ones down because my stomach hurts from laughing during this game. Sooooo funny.

Okay, I'm ready for bed. I'll blog more later. We decided today that we want to stay an extra day in Georgia so we're not leaving tomorrow after all! We'll drive home Sunday now - unless we get snowed in. :)

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