Friday, August 1, 2008

Try to keep up

I wanted to post the pictures from church the other day. We had our official groundbreaking ceremony last Sunday:

And when we got to church on Wednesday night, this was all covered in red clay. I forgot to take any pictures though. Maybe more will be done this week. That is all very exciting!

Next, I wanted to post some pictures from work. I think these will just prove what a
slavedriver I work for.

Jessie set out to dress me like the princess I really am:

She was very proud of all her hard work. She wanted to do it this morning but to be honest, I just couldn't walk around with all that jewelry all day long. She made sure yesterday to tell me not to cover up my "bling". Whose child is that!? She did give me a purple disco necklace to wear today - it's stunning. I know we will appreciate these pictures in a few years!!

And my last piece of news - I know I'm all over the place this morning -

Congratulations to my awesome hard-working husband for getting a promotion this morning!!!! Wooooo! He is now a 25-year old Tech Sergeant!

He added his stripe this morning at roll call. It was sort of a surprise. We knew he was going to be up for promotion soon but I don't think we expected it so soon! 25 is very young to be a Tech Sergeant, and I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard for this! To congratulate him tonight, I will let him grill me some steaks! Aren't I sweet?


Ken Loyd said...

We are so proud of Stephen! I can't wait to tell Grandpa Loyd, too.

heather said...

The church looks great!That's a answer to prayer!I know that a lot of people was praying for you all!Look at this way it wasn't expected so God did a suddenly opened a door!Who knows???God only knows!!!!Count and look at this as a blessing!!!!!Did he grill you them steaks?Your sweet!

Gail said...