Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First World Problem To First World Ecstasy

Here is my "first world problem" from today:

I had a dentist appointment. Thank the Lord it was just a cleaning, so nothing crazy. But after the appointment I was starving. I hadn't eaten in a couple of hours, hoping my teeth would suddenly reproduce all the enamel I'd lost in the last six months, and eliminate all the plaque gained. And I knew just what I was going to snack on - this delicious Reese's Peanut Butter Pie that I made yesterday.

When I realized... I didn't want to mess up my squeaky clean teeth for this pie.

I'm driving home from my parents' house (they kept the kids while I was at the dentist) and that pie is just sitting there.

Do I eat it and ruin the squeaky clean? Do I not eat it and miss out on this totally delectable pie?

The lid comes off.

While glancing in the rearview mirror (I don't want to have to share this pie) I nibble at a couple of the larger pieces of Reese's cups.

Well, I've already screwed up the squeaky clean, may as well get a big chunk of the chocolate whipped cream filling, right?

Brianna: "Mom, what are you eating?"

Dang. Just the question I was hoping to avoid!

Well, of course I had to tell her. And of course then she wanted some. I gave her a chunk and of course she wanted more. Finally I told her we had to quit eating it and we would have some more when we got home.

When we got home, Hunter was asleep. So rather than waking him up, I unbuckled Brianna and we both sat in the front seats of the car, cross-legged, eating our Reese's pie with one fork.

As Bri stated, "This is the best day ever."

I told Stephen that sometimes I feel like Brianna is my best friend instead of my 3-year-old daughter. Times like that, or snuggling at bedtime talking about our day, or when we pray together. I look forward to many times like this over the rest of our lives together, as long as God will allow us the time.

Love my family.

P.S. Our kids had an Oreo for the first time ever after dinner tonight. I sure wish I could have captured the look on Hunter's face. I have never seen his face like that! And then the next thing out of his mouth - "YuuUUUuuummMMMmmmmmmy!" I hadn't laughed so hard all day!

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Ken Loyd said...

Shades of Erma Bombeck. I love how you take these special moments and spin a very touching yarn. I want to hear Hunter replicate that version of "yummy" sometime.