Friday, December 21, 2012

Psalm 46

2012-12-21 15.46.34
Things God will do or has done (actions):
  • Help us (v. 5)
  • Speak and have the earth fall into submission just from his voice (v. 6)
  • He is with us (v. 7)
  • Make desolations in the earth (v. 8)
  • Make wars stop (v. 9)
  • Will be exalted among the heathen (v. 10)
Commands to me:
  • Do not fear (v. 2)
  • Be still and know that he is God (v. 10)
Characteristics of God:
Refuge, strength, help during our times of trouble, lives in our midst, I AM, with us

Things to take away from this:
God is our refuge and our strength, particularly in our times of trouble. He is "very present" when we have troubles. We shouldn't fear anything, even if the entire earth is removed. If the earth were destroyed, as long as we have our treasures laid up in heaven we have absolutely nothing to fear. (This is extremely fitting considering the world was "supposed" to end today!!) Even with our nation in confusion, people turning away from God, we have personal troubles in our lives... we still shouldn't have any fear of these things. God. Is. Our. Refuge. This is repeated several times in just these eleven verses. No chaos can destroy a relationship with God. We have got to be still... trust in God... have faith, even when it's hard. Because in the end, he WILL stop all the chaos and tribulation that is going on. And he WILL be exalted over all the earth.

I would love to know if you have any thoughts to add to this beautiful scripture! Something I missed? Something I misinterpreted? Something I should take note of? 

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