Monday, December 24, 2012

Women of Faith Conference

Finally, I'm putting up pictures from the Women of Faith conference I attended back in October! I went with a bunch of other women from church and we had a BLAST! These are just a few random pictures from worship time and some of the speakers. Most of my pictures of the ballet and MANY pictures of the worship time and speakers were way too dark and blurry to post on here. But you'll get the general idea!

2012-10-20 16.31.51

2012-10-20 19.11.31

2012-10-20 19.11.50

2012-10-19 18.01.33

2012-10-19 18.01.50

2012-10-19 18.04.03

2012-10-19 18.09.03

2012-10-19 18.30.02

2012-10-19 18.30.21

2012-10-19 19.00.37

2012-10-19 19.13.44

2012-10-19 19.13.57

2012-10-19 19.14.03

2012-10-19 20.00.44
2012-10-19 21.46.42

2012-10-20 08.58.25
2012-10-20 09.48.46
2012-10-20 09.49.54

2012-10-20 09.50.32

2012-10-20 09.54.06

2012-10-20 16.31.42


This first video has a really cool background story. Mandisa was there as one of the singers, and she did a lot of the worship music Friday night at the conference. She was slated to go on again first thing in the morning, and wanted to sing one of her songs, "Good Morning". She normally sings it with Toby Mac though, who raps during part of the song. She asked for someone in the audience who knew all the lyrics to sing it with her. A huge crowd started pointing at a woman right in the front who was jumping up and down. This woman got on stage and verified that she knew all the lyrics and was willing to sing with Mandisa in the morning in the place of TobyMac. Mandisa finally asked her what church she was from and she said, "Grace Church in Southern Pines!"  We all started screaming so loud from our seats! (That church is in our county and very well-known, so we were excited!)

Anyway, all that to say, this is her singing the next morning with Mandisa. Very cool!

This next video is actually the entire video of the man who drew the Jesus picture above. It is quite long, about six minutes, but the entire drawing of the picture is a story, of our separation from God, and the cross, and our salvation. It is really beautiful but I understand a lot of people won't want to watch it. :)

The conference was so awesome, and it was great to be there with so many wonderful ladies from church.

Best part? Out of the hundreds of people that were there, I won free tickets to next year's event! I called my mom as soon as I was back in town to tell her I was taking her with me! That is such a huge blessing because although it is totally worth it, these conferences are quite expensive. I was praying that God would let me win so I wouldn't have to worry about the financial aspect of it in October 2013!

If you've never been, I highly recommend you hit up one of these conferences. It will definitely fire you up and get you excited for God!

Women of Faith Website

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