Thursday, December 13, 2012

Psalm 27

So, if you are friends with me on Facebook, you know that I was really excited when I got my latest book to review:

2012-12-12 13.35.39

I have been wanting a new Bible for a LONG time but there's nothing wrong with the *many* that I own, I just wanted one that was new, and fresh, and... I don't know, who really needs a reason to want a new Bible?  :)

But one reason I couldn't wait to get my hands on this is because a few months ago I came across this web page:

When I read that post, I wanted to do it so bad, with a fresh Bible that didn't have any old markings in it.

Y'all, I was so excited when I opened my mailbox and that Bible was in there. And then I got to go to Hobby Lobby today JUST TO BUY THESE SPECIFIC COLORED PENCILS THAT THIS GIRL ON THE BLOG TALKS ABOUT. That sentence deserved to be in all caps because I am a crazy lady who thinks it's a good idea to take two children to the colored pencil section of a craft store. Because these colored pencils are over $30 for a box... FOR A BOX, Y'ALL... and so I had to check every pencil to make sure it was SOFT LEAD so it won't tear my Bible pages. Too many minutes, too many tantrums, and one really helpful and polite employee later, I got my pencils and a new fine point pen.

Oh, P.S. I only bought the pencils I needed, not the whole $30 box!!

2012-12-13 14.13.07

Yes, I used a 40% off coupon. Don't worry. Y'all, I honestly do not feel like this was $10 spent frivolously. Yes, my children have colored pencils at home. But to me it's worth it to buy these darn special pencils to make sure I can mark up one side and down the other in my Bible with no worries!

Got home from the store and Hunter went down for a nap which meant there would be peace and quiet for at least two hours.

With Brianna on one corner of the bed with her paper and HER colored pencils and stickers, and myself on the other corner of the bed with all my stuff sprawled out, I got down to business.

2012-12-13 21.51.34

I just happened to pick Psalm 27. I am actually reading Matthew right now but I wanted to do a Psalm today. So this is what I ended up doing, after reading this other lady's blog post (and some of this I do already, and some is added into my quiet time routine now; you obviously can tweak this based on what works for you):
  • Pray for guidance
  • Read the entire passage you are planning on studying
  • I read through it again, marking any characteristics of God in yellow
  • I read it through again, marking any actions of God in blue
  • I read it again, marking all commands to the reader in red
  • I marked a "w" on all verses speaking of wicked people or my enemies
  • I marked a crown on the word "temple" to remind me that Christ is King
  • I marked the word "heart" with a red heart
  • I underlined the word "all" twice (all tends to be very important in scripture, and as Lee Jeffries would say, in the Bible "all means all")
  • I journaled everything I was learning as I read through the scripture
  • Read through the scriptures that were on the side notes to see if they made something else come to mind
  • Normally I would also look up anything confusing, or look up the original text in a lexicon
  • Read through the passage again and pray again over it
I don't always get 30-45 minutes a day to study my Bible like this. Frankly, during Angel Tree time (which won't stop until after Christmas this year, it looks like!) I barely have time to get in a good ten minutes of study time. I know that's awful and maybe by next year I'll have more of a "team" helping out with Angel Tree than just a couple of other people. :)  So I'm excited that things are beginning to slow down a little more around here and I've got this time again. Personally, I can really tell when I'm not doing the studying like I should. I can tell it in my attitude (I get impatient with the kids, etc.), I can tell I feel more mentally exhausted, and sometimes I can even turn my blessing of a ministry into a burden. Fortunately I usually can see the signs and I can get myself back on track.

ANYWAY. I didn't mean to go off on a tangent!

I won't always have time to blog like this, I'm sure, but I wanted to share what I learned from this scripture today. It was totally random, picked out of the blue, so there was no ulterior motive for picking this scripture or anything.

Things God will do:
  • Hide me and set me up upon a rock (v. 5)
  • Hear me, have mercy on me and answer me (v. 7)
  • Take me up if my parents abandon me (v. 10)
  • Teach me and lead me (v. 11)
  • Strengthen my heart (v. 14)
Commands to me:
  • Sing praises to the Lord (v. 6)
  • Seek God's face (v. 8)
  • Wait on the Lord and be of good courage (v. 14)
Characteristics of God:
Light, salvation (x2), strength, beauty, help, goodness

What should I take away from this?
Whom shall I fear? No one. I must be confident in the security that God gives me.
My life here should be spent focusing on my relationship with God. Our end goal is to dwell with God forever, but we must live like that now - don't get too wrapped up in temporary things.
I have a firm foundation in God. He will cover me in His shadow (how big must that be!!) and hide me, keep me safe when I have troubles.
When God does keep me safe I must praise him for that.
When I cry out to God, he not only hears me - but he responds. He has mercy and answers me.
If my parents forsake me, abandon me, turn their backs on me... God will take me up.
God will teach me his ways but I must follow them.
Wait on God. Have courage. He will strengthen your heart.

I would love to know if you have any thoughts to add to this beautiful scripture! Something I missed? Something I misinterpreted? Something I should take note of?

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