Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Psalm 66

Today's psalm that I read speaks about how God interacts with humankind. This scripture was really beautiful, just talking so much about how worthy God is of our praise. And how true that is!!

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Things God will do or has done: (actions)
  • Turned the sea into dry land (v. 6)
  • Will rule forever (v. 7)
  • Proves us and tries us (v. 10)
  • Bring us into a net and lay affliction upon us (v. 11)
  • Cause men to ride over our heads and bring us out into a wealthy place (v. 12)
  • Hear me and attend to my prayer (v. 19)
  • Will NOT keep his mercy from me (v. 20)
 Commands to me:
  • Make a joyful noise (v. 1)
  • Sing praise (v. 2)
  • Worship and sing to God (v. 4)
  • Rejoice in God (v. 6)
  • Make his praise heard (v. 8)
  • Raise up offerings and make vows (v. 13)
  • Make sacrifices (v. 15)
  • Declare to anyone who will listen what God has done for my soul (v. 16)
Characteristics of God:
Great in power, powerful, worthy of praise!!

Things to take away from this:
God does interact with humankind. He definitely deserves our praise. I love verse 3 - "through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto thee." I don't believe this will happen until the coming of Jesus, but I think it will be unimaginable when every single person finally does submit themselves to God. The Hebrew word used here literally means "to cringe" or "be found liars". That makes complete sense to me. Through the greatness of God's power, his enemies will be found liars. Pretty powerful words.

The scripture in verse 3 also says "How terrible art though in thy works!". The word terrible here actually means "to cause astonishment" or "to inspire reverence". I'm throwing that in there lest any of us think of the word "terrible" is being used how we normally use it.

Verse 4 - "All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee." I love this. I know that one day everyone will realize that God is the Almighty. I don't long for that day... I know too many people who don't have that relationship with God, and I want more time on this earth for the sake of those people. Unfortunately I do think that day is coming very quickly.

Verse 10 talks about how God tries us and proves us. When silver is refined by fire it becomes more clear and is set free, in a sense, from its waste. For us, the exercise of being tried will make our faith more active and stronger.

This scripture talks about the sacrifices we must make. We must sacrifice our very best. Verse 15 talks about offering bullocks with goats. This is speaking of entire herds. This is a very generous sacrifice, not holding anything back. As Matthew Henry says, "he would not offer that which cost him nothing, but that which cost him a great deal."

We cannot keep sin in our hearts if we want God to hear our prayers. And when we confess that sin and we turn away from it, he will certainly hear us and answer us. He won't turn away our prayers or his mercy as long as we aren't dwelling in that sin - living in it with no feeling of shame or want of repentance.

I would love to know if you have any thoughts to add to this beautiful scripture! Something I missed? Something I misinterpreted? Something I should take note of? 


Stephanie Nipper said...

Reading these blogs make me so hungry to start this type of Bible study for the new year. I only have a few more days on my Bible in a year plan, and then I am going to start doing something like this. Can't wait!

Amanda said...

I am loving it! I've always done some kind of Bible reading or studying every day but it seemed like it was winding down to 10 or 15 minutes, whenever I could squeeze it in. Now I am making it more of a priority and am shocked to find I actually do have the free time to spend in the Word, when I thought I didn't. :) It takes a lot of extra time to blog about it but I hope you'll have time to blog about some of your thoughts if you feel like it's not too personal! I love to read others' studies.