Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fishing Expedition July 2013

Stephen had a two-week stay in Florida in the middle of June for a work thing, and when he came home, he came bearing gifts - new fishing poles for Hunter, Brianna, and myself!

We couldn't wait to test them out, but then it rained approximately 40 days and 40 nights. Wait, maybe that was another time in history...

Anyway, if you live around us you know the rain has been atrocious for fishing with two little kids. So we jumped on our first opportunity to go to Stephen's family's house tonight, where there is free fishing and we get to see our family too! So a definite win-win!

On the way, Brianna spotted a rainbow. It was right smack in front of us and gorgeous!

This was the first time our kids had ever been fishing but they acted like old pros! They've been practicing with their fishing poles in our back yard with rubber fish, in between rain storms and heat waves! They were so excited to get to the pond and really do some fishing!

 Hunter's just checking to make sure all the crickets are still there.

 Brianna getting ready to let one fly (she's SO good at casting!)

Waiting patiently...

 While Brianna is waiting patiently, Hunter gets a bass! Just a few minutes after our arrival he's already gotten his first fish! He pulls a Hunter move... he is so uninterested. He just wants to grab the fish, put it back in the water and bait his hook again!

I can just hear him saying, "MoooOOOooom!" I'm telling you, the boy thinks I am wasting his time!!

 Not but a few minutes later and Brianna gets her first fish!!

 Not sure she wants to grab the fish, she opts to hold Daddy's hand which is holding the fish. Don't let her fool you though, that's the only time she was squeamish about it. After that first one she and Hunter both were 100% hands-on with the fishing!

 Classic Brianna - smacking her gum while fishing. Haha!

 Both the kids insisted on getting their own crickets, although Bri asked for us to please get the cricket out of the box, then hand it to her, and then she'd give it back to us to put it on the hook. She couldn't easily grab them from the box. Hunter had no issues going elbow-deep in cricket poop!

Grandpa Talbert was a huge help with both kids! We were so happy he got to spend some quality time with us!

Helping Grandpa Talbert get the hook out of the fish:

Different fish (Hunter was on a roll, I think he had caught around 6 by the time Brianna caught 2 or 3!)

 This poor fish is not put back in the pond with ease. Just lobbed in by this silly 2-year old! Poor fish probably all had some brain damage going on.

It was such a beautiful night for fishing! Not a lot of bugs, the weather was gorgeous, the kids were perfect, and we got some great family time in! We even got to see Grandma Betty and Aunt Beverly before we left! Nights like this make me so thankful we are close to so much of my family and Stephen's family. And I'm so glad the kids are starting to enjoy activities like this more so we have more opportunities to make some memories!

It was such a good night we got home a little after 9pm and still had homemade chocolate milkshakes to celebrate a good "family day" together. Hey, it doesn't hurt to skip bedtime for a sugar rush every so often. :-)


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