Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rockingham Discovery Place

Ever since Rockingham opened their own Discovery Place museum back in February we've been trying to go as a family. But we rarely have a Saturday "off" as a family to go. So when we had today totally free, we jumped at the chance to check it out!

Did we enjoy it? Well, we went at 1:30 and had to leave at 5pm when they closed... so what do you think!?

Now, I have never been to a Discovery Place except one time in third grade, so I obviously am inexperienced at this whole thing. This is probably not new to anyone else. But just in case you haven't been to the one in Rockingham, here are approximately 100 pictures to help you decide if it's worth the drive and $8 per person. Obviously if you stay for 3 1/2 hours like we did, it's totally worth it.

There are stations throughout the entire upstairs for pretend play. I mean... a car you can work on, fires you can put out, kitchens to cook in, animals in a vet's office... everything. Downstairs is the hands-on part, with things like science experiments, jungle gyms, an arts and crafts area, and even a water area. About every 30-45 minutes there is a special show on the stage or science experiments downstairs which is a great break from playing.

Here is the station where you can work on the car:

 And then a part where you can build and race cars. I bet Hunter spent an entire hour altogether here!

 The fire engine:

 The veterinarian hospital:

With an X-ray machine too:

 Putting out a house fire:

 Another big hit - the diner:

The first show was about dung beetles; this was a puppet show:

 Back to the car:

This is where Hunter said, "Be right back, Mom!"

 The garden section:

 Experiments downstairs:

 Playing with paper airplanes:

 The water room:

 The arts and crafts section:

 The last show of the day - the dance show!

I have to say it was money well spent for us today. But it was definitely just an educational play place. I heard people say they would come in the morning, leave to eat lunch, and go back all afternoon. I'm not really sure it's supposed to be used like that. But seriously, the only reason our kids left is because the place was closing. They honestly could have spent all day there probably. Now I'm excited to take them somewhere like Marbles or Museum of Life and Science. They are definitely getting to that age!

Video of the water room:

Hunter at the car table:

Hunter working on the car:

Hunter putting out a fire:

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