Monday, November 12, 2007


I had such an absolutely wonderful time this weekend at the beach with the ladies group from church. As LB said, "And here I thought some of these ladies might be stuffy!!" We definitely and absolutely let our immaturity fly this weekend, and it felt so good. We have our monthly meeting tonight, where I am hoping to find out that I will be the Secretary of our group in the coming year. I am also signing up for youth group again, assistant choir director, nursery coordinator, the drama team, the choir, and the food ministry. I think that will be quite enough. I seriously thought about taking over the Christmas play next year, but as I don't know what will be happening in my life 13 months from now, I am setting that aside.

I did pretty good this weekend considering we went to two Tanger outlets, one regular mall, two Ross stores, one Marshalls, one TJ Maxx, and one World Market. I didn't buy any books which is just amazing, and I only bought three or four clothing items. I bought tons of stuff from World Market, Le Gourmet Chef, and Kitchen Collections, as always. And tons of items from Charlotte Russe, as always. I love introducing people to that store, because it is amazing. The website doesn't do it justice.

We're talking about having another trip in the spring, but hotel rates go up so much then. We'll see.

Okay, let's prepare for this week. Schedule?

Monday night - Ladies of Faith meeting - bring snacks
Tuesday night - Christmas play practice
Wednesday night - church
Thursday night - supposed to be going to see Jenn T., probably going to try to get out of this so I can keep my sanity
Friday night - Jan's jewelry show
Saturday night - FREE!! (so far)
Sunday night - don't get me started
Monday night- FREE!! (so far)
Tuesday - Sunday - Stephen's family from Georgia will be in town.

So, in a few weeks I will have a break again, right?


Gail said...

You make me tired just reading your schedule. I remember those marathon shopping trips with Granny, Granddaddy, and your mother. We would start before the break of day and get home close to midnight. Of course, Granddaddy was with us so we got three good meals to go along with the shopping. I have some great memories of those days.

jennifer said...

I like your blog's new look!

I don't know how you keep up that schedule. If it comes down to either retaining your sanity or maintaining seven roles at church, I vote for your sanity.

I love you and am jealous of all the shopping you got to do last weekend!

Amanda said...

well, the thing is, I WANT to do everything but play practice. Our ladies meetings are only once a month so that's not something I want to miss. But I don't think I'll ever volunteer for the Christmas play again - that's what's really stressing me out.