Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Day

Last night we tricked Brianna into going to bed early. At about 7:30, I had snapped at Stephen at least twice, yawned so much there were tears coming from my eyes, and I was stumbling everywhere I walked. Time for bed, I presume. So around 8:15 I gave Bri her bath, fed her, and we were in bed somewhere between 9 and 9:30. EXHAUSTED. I think I am more tired now that she naps less during the day because I entertain her so much. It's exhausting to be that happy!! Anyway, that 7 1/2 hours of sleep was pure heaven.

In an effort to conserve gas, I decided to do all my weekly stuff in one trip. I usually do it in two or three trips during the week, mainly because I don't want Brianna to get hungry halfway through or anything. But it's really wasteful to do that.

First, we went to the post office. I had to mail out some Bookmooch books and get some more stamps. So far, so good.

Next stop - Rite Aid. Time to do Rite Aid rebates. Now, for some reason, she loves Rite Aid. She just stares, wide-eyed, at everything and everyone. So this is never a problem.

On to the bank! Easy as pie, because we went through the drive-through. So no one had to hear her wailing. (She doesn't like to be at a dead stop in the car for too long!)

Now it's the stops I'm worried about. I've got to go to two different grocery stores because of the sales they're having this week. Fortunately for me, Brianna fell asleep between the bank and Harris Teeter. Plus we were in and out of there in less than fifteen minutes, so I'm sure that helped some. Food Lion took much longer. I was buying supplies for the UFC party we're having tomorrow night, plus the ingredients for the soup I'm making next Wednesday for mom and dad. Bless her heart, she slept through the whole thing. She was so sound asleep when I opened the car door to get her out, I just wished for a minute that it was feasible to leave your child in the car while it's running. She could have had such a nice, uninterrupted nap. Well, she sleeps everytime she gets in the Baby Bjorn anyway, so, works for me.

I've only gotten one article done today so far. But I have cleaned up downstairs for the fight tomorrow night. Last night Stephen cleaned up the upstairs, because last time we hosted a fight our friend Miguel spent the night. So at least he'll have a place to sleep if he decides to stay over again. We haven't hosted a UFC in probably five months now, so I'm really excited, although I'm pretty sure I'm gonna sleep through the whole thing. I'll try not to!

In a few hours Brianna and I are going to visit the Kirbys - yay! Stephen is working late tonight, so it'll be good to see them AND it will give us all something to do. Not that they need anything to do - taking care of a week old baby is plenty!

That's enough for now, I've got to get cracking on some articles.

BUT - in the near future, look for blogs on the topics of: spoiling your baby, and finding your S.T.O.R.Y. I feel like dad announcing my future blogs, but otherwise I won't remember to write about them.

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Brooke and Johnathan said...

Amanda, I'm looking for a great new read... how is "Twelve Extrodinary Women?"

p.s. we're going over to Matt & Jenn's tonight... I hope you're still there, I'd love to see you & Brianna too!