Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Diagnosis X

I had to take Brianna to the doctor today for her first official appointment that wasn't a "well appointment" (i.e. scheduled visits). For the past few days we had noticed that her skin had taken on a bit of a scaly texture. We were sure it was from rubbing her elbows on the car seat and swing (the two things she is in most of the time) and since the scales seemed to be agitated particularly after car rides and hours in the swing, we seemed to be pretty good diagnosticians. But last night, after her bath, we noticed more patches - on her back, stomach, and legs. I lotioned her up, slathering it on, but Stephen firmly told me that if it hadn't cleared up by this morning, I should take her to the doctor, because no it definitely wasn't ringworm or excema, but it was something, and better safe than sorry. Of course I agreed, because who wants to be the mom that wrote off a skin disease as dry skin?

So, I hauled Brianna off to the doctor today (weighing in at a whopping 12 lbs, 2 oz for all of you who are interested) and she was her usual chipper self, making me feel even more like I should not be there.

Diagnosis: Dry skin.

I walked out of there with about 10 samples of body wash and lotion for people with sensitive skin. That's the good news, because I LOVE free samples! It did make me glad that I've been washing all of her clothes separately in the "free 'n' clear" detergent, because at least that was ruled out. That was one of the first questions the doctor asked me, and she thinks Bri just has particularly sensitive skin right now and that we may be using a lotion with too much perfume or a body wash with too much cleansing agent in it and not enough conditioning. Works for me! Easy fix + happy baby - dry skin = pleased parents.


Last night was Brianna's first night in the crib. Now before you start with the wide-eyed, gaping mouth reaction of, "Isn't that baby three months old? And you're JUST NOW putting her in her crib?" ... picture it, people. Imagine that you are breastfeeding. Not supplementing at all, which means when that baby wakes up in the middle of the night, the daddy has no reason to wake up. But you, the mother, are up. Maybe just once a night, but still. It's enough for me to have to wake up, fumble around in the dark to get Bri out of the bassinet, stumble into the living room and turn on some lights. Now imagine me doing that, but having to go upstairs to get her out of the crib first. I am NOT a happy camper when I'm woken up, and going upstairs just seemed like it would add so much hassle. Mind you, I have also been begging Stephen for about a month to move her up there, because she would wake me up talking in her sleep or kicking the sides of the bassinet during a vigorous dream. So I wanted her moved upstairs, but I didn't. You know.

Since she's been sleeping through the night for a solid month (minus three days), we decided to finally take the plunge. Surely this sleeping through the night is not a fluke as we had suspected! So after her bath and last feeding, we took her upstairs and said adios! She looked so little in that big crib! It was so cute. No, I did not EVEN risk waking her up by taking a picture. The monitors were giving out nothing by static, which didn't bother Stephen but it made it kind of hard for me to sleep. They kept making popping sounds and stuff. I only went and checked on her once, thankyouverymuch, and it was because I heard something on the monitor. Turns out she was just talking in her sleep as usual, but she had already moved about 45 degrees and it had only been about 30 minutes! I left her, because I ain't wakin up that baby for nothin! Unfortunately, this morning I didn't hear her at all! Stephen woke me up to tell me that she was crying. Oops. I told you, I like my sleep! I'm just glad he went to work late and heard her! Haha! When I walked up to get her, she was 180 degrees from the way I had laid her down last night. That is an active little girl!

Okay, so I never thought I was going to be this sappy, mushy mom. And I consider myself to be pretty laid-back when it comes to Bri. But I have to be totally honest and tell you... I actually got teary-eyed when I laid her down in that crib. I knew she was going to be fine, but I guess I had kind of gotten used to just getting up and watching her kick around in her sleep, or suck on her tongue, or just watching her when she was sleeping. I think I will miss that, but I kind of doubt I'll go all the way upstairs just to do that. So. I didn't cry, but it was a close one. She just seemed so old all of a sudden!

She got hit on by a 4-month old today at the doctor's office. He probably weighed about 20 pounds - no lie - and was REALLY cute!! His dad moved his car seat to face Brianna's car seat. She just kind of stared at him wide-eyed while he jabbered on and on. He was such a cutie! But Stephen and the boys in our youth group at church have already ordered Brianna - No Dating Until You Are Married. Funny boys.

By the way, Brianna did sleep through the night still in her crib. 8 solid hours which is pretty much the norm for her. She's a big girl.


Renee said...

I don't think it was too early to move her to a crib - my girls were 5 months old and still didn't go upstairs then!!! We had the crib in our room until about 8 months! Actually, Jessie was up and out sooner than Emma. Don't worry - I think you're a great Mom. I would have cried too when I put her in that crib!!

Ken Loyd said...

Great blog post. I feel like I was there! And I feel like you and Brianna will be HERE-- SOON! YAY!
Love, Dad (AKA Grandpa)