Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hat Sunday

Today was Hat Sunday at church! Once a year the ladies wear hats - pretty, funny, or just plain weird - to church. It's so funny to see some of the hats people walk in with! This year I actually took my camera but I only took a couple of pictures, unfortunately.

The hat I wore is one of Grandma Loyd's hats. I'm so glad I was able to wear one of her hats this year!!

I wanted so badly to make Brianna wear a hat of some kind. But after I put this on her - I just couldn't do it to her. Even though she still looked happy, I couldn't look at her without laughing.

A rare family picture!

Even Drew got in the spirit of Hat Sunday...


Anonymous said...

No hat for Bri? No problem when you're as adorable as she is!

Ken Loyd said...

You, Brianna, and Drew look marvelous in your hats. As for your rare family picture, y'all are a rare family indeed. See ya around the grill!