Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cheese Alert

This might become cheesy - maybe not - but there is your alert just in case.

Right now, Jennifer is at the hospital in the process of having Claire. I am so excited that the day is finally here! I am thrilled that we are all finally going to meet Claire. Brianna will start teaching her how to poop and have gas immediately - the things she's best at.

This morning I was just thinking about what an incredible year this has been, starting in August of 2008 when I found out I was pregnant. I remember Jennifer was over at the house with me, hanging out, just two days before I tested positive. We were talking about the struggles we had had trying to get pregnant and we were both really aggravated. I remember being hopeful that this was actually the month I was going to be pregnant. Two days later, I chugged down a ton of water during church and ran to Dollar General to buy a pregnancy test. After two positive results I just got on my knees, shaking, thanking God. We were more than ecstatic!!

Jenn was the one who went with me to get the blood test confirmation. She was one of the first ones I called when I got the phone call that it was positive. She acted extraordinarily excited for me even though it was me who was pregnant and not her.

Then one day we were having one of our famous lunch dates. We were actually at Sir Pizza instead of our regular hot spot, Chick Fil-A. I remember not wanting to ask her how everything was going because I knew I hated realizing every month that I wasn't pregnant. But then I didn't want to seem like an uncaring sister, either, so I finally just asked, not expecting any good answer. She got this look on her face like she had a secret, leaned forward, and said, "I think I'm pregnant." I remember after that I couldn't stop hopping around Stephen for days, just waiting for Jenn's blood test to come back positive too.

She was one of the first ones to find out that Brianna was going to be a girl. And I remember getting the phone call from her that Claire was going to be a girl. I was at work, but I shrieked anyway. We knew from the very beginning that these girls were going to be best friends.

We have been able to share gross stories, exciting stories, and compare throughout this whole pregnancy. It has been absolutely amazing and I'm so grateful that God gave us the opportunity to have our first babies so close together. Ten weeks apart!! I can only hope that Brianna and Claire are as close as Jenn and I were ... after we were both 18 anyway!!!

Alright Claire, we're all ready for you, so it's time to show your face!! I'll update this later I'm sure!

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