Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not a Baby

For those who haven't heard, we no longer have a baby in our midst. Nope, she's been replaced by a teenager who doesn't need mommy and daddy to entertain her thankyouverymuch. After the first night that Brianna slept all night she just decided she is too cool for school. I'm very happy that she has realized now she can sleep 6-8 hours without dying of starvation. And actually, she is in an extraordinarily good mood after 6-8 hours of sleep. And so am I! Imagine that!

It was a pretty sudden transformation. All of a sudden, Brianna is pretty much taking care of herself in the entertainment department. Her coos and gurgles are becoming much louder and more frequent. Instead of crying for the last 10 minutes of my morning routine, she plays with her rattle and mirror on her bouncer. This morning she played so hard the rattle flew off its attachment. Batting at thin air doesn't do much good. She sits in her swing and watches herself in the mirror (who is that good looking baby?) and has a strong tendency to talk to herself, whether it's here at home or in the car. I'm not really sure if she's seeing ghosts or what.

We've been proponents of letting Brianna cry if we know nothing is wrong with her. I know some people have issues with this but she has never cried more than 15 minutes. Trust me, she gets PLENTY of playtime with us during the day - we make sure of that! She is one of the happiest babies I know, although I don't know that many babies, admittedly. She just lights up when Stephen and I talk to her. The one thing I don't like is that she gets really frustrated after several minutes of cooing, and not talking. She will stretch her little neck and lips as far out as possible... and no words come. Can you imagine the frustration!? It's really sweet though. We have some videos, but I probably won't post them:

1) because I am clueless about uploading stuff from our video camera
2) the videos are soooo long they would take forever to upload

Also, she has a tendency to be distracted by the camera. She will talk up a storm until you put the camera in her face and then she just stares blankly at this foreign object which has been thrust into her field of vision.

Sunday, we took Brianna to meet her cousin Claire for the first time!! Claire was pretty unimpressed and slept the whole time (who can blame her?) and Brianna didn't do much to impress! We are having another meeting tonight, although I kind of doubt they're going to take to each other until Claire is sleeping less than 20 hours a day. But of course I can't blog without posting some pictures of my beautiful niece! These are several days old now but I can't remember where I set my camera, so I'll post new ones later.

We had a really good weekend for the Fourth, but I will have to talk about that in a separate post - this one is getting too lengthy and I have some work to do!

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Ken Loyd said...

What a great blog. I can't wait till lunch--so I can see you and Brianna, of course!