Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reader's Digest Version

The past week has been really busy and crazy! So I'll just give you the short version. Sleeping late, Sonic mystery shop, Ladies Group at church, lunch with mom and dad, youth group, company cookout, articles, Kirbys, videos, pictures.... I guess that's about it! Now that you're all caught up...

This afternoon we are going to the Kirbys because Libba, Jorge, and Ruthie are in town! I cannot wait to get pictures of Ruthie, Claire, and Brianna all together for the first time. So sweet!

Monday night Stephen babysat Brianna while I went to Ladies Group at church. I came home to find that Brianna has a new pastime - watching TV! He laid her down in the beanbag chair and put on Veggietales. She kicked and talked to the TV while he videotaped. It was so cute! So this is one of her new hobbies.

Wednesday Brianna and I went to lunch at mom and dad's. We had a great time, as usual. Go here to see pictures of Brianna in the Johnny Jump-Up at their house.

On Thursday, two days shy of Brianna's 3-month birthday, we FINALLY received her Social Security card! She's a real human now!

Being a human is totally exhausting:

Also on Thursday is when we went to see Jenn and Claire!

I finally got to see her with her eyes open and hear her cry! It was such a cute cry. Jenn said she has a cry that will make your ears ring. But I'm used to it, so I definitely don't care!

Some of y'all know that I am always doing surveys and product testing, which I love because I get cash for some of the surveys, and for the product testing I get to keep whatever product I test. Last week I got a bathroom cleaner to test - a full bottle - which technically saves us at least $3-6 by not having to buy bathroom cleaner. Although, if you're going to be technical about it, I never buy cleaner except at triple coupons when it's under $1.... but still!

Then today, we received a box of Kirkland trash bags to test! 200 trash bags for free. Sweet! They cost around $25 at Costco, so obviously we got a great deal by getting them for free. I love it!

Gotta go, it's Brianna's feeding time - I can hear her squeals!

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Ken Loyd said...

Great blog! I'm gonna steal some of your pictures (not the trashbags). : ) Love, Dad