Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Six months - say what!?!?

I can't believe it, but today was Brianna's six-month appointment at the doctor. Technically she is four days shy of being six months, so she couldn't receive her flu shot and Hep B shot like she was supposed to. That means in two weeks we have to go back to the doctor for those shots. Yay. Everything else is great though. She is a whopping 13 lbs, 8 oz and 24 1/2 inches. She is still in the 5-10 percentile on a baby growth chart! What a wittle baby! Not too surprising if you look at her parents!

Dr. Sherrington diagnosed her with "lap colic". She screamed at him when he started poking around her ears, but as soon as I picked her up it was like someone hit the mute button. I told him she screams with practically anyone but me. He said it's likely because I'm staying at home with her, but it's the type of bond that he likes to see mothers and children have. He said for me not to change a thing. I don't plan on it! I know that she plays on her own enough throughout the day. Next week we will start solids! I will probably do it once or twice a day along with a round of nursing. How exciting!

Got this free in the mail today. You should still be able to get one if anyone wants one at the Juicy Juice website.

In just a couple of days we are leaving for our first trip to Georgia with Brianna! We are very excited to make this journey with her, although getting ready is a struggle. Packing for yourself is very easy, but for a baby - not as easy. For example, I know how many clothes to pack for myself because I'm at the stage in life where I rarely poop or spit up on myself. But with Brianna, every day holds new possibilities! Obviously Leila will allow us to do laundry - even our cloth diapers!!! - but I still would like to make sure we can make this trip as easy as possible for them, so they won't refuse to host us again come Christmas. I am just one of those people that always forgets something and I'd rather forget something of mine than hers. Then I think - well, what does she really need? Food - I've got that part covered. Diapers - can be bought. Clothes - can be bought. Uhhh... that's it! Oh yeah, and TOYS! But I'm sure there are plenty of things and people to play with in Georgia.

Hopefully our trip will be FUN and maybe everyone will get lots of sleep! They are very brave to let us stay there!


Ken Loyd said...

Love your post. Jennifer always stuck her tail in the air, you, not as much. It's cute. And BONDING is EVERYTHING! Good for you!

jennifer said...

I never actually LOL at blog posts but I did at this: "I'm at the stage in life where I rarely poop or spit up on myself."

CFA date when you get back in town? Love you! Have a great trip!

Amanda said...

CFA? Obviously! Yum!