Thursday, October 8, 2009


Okay, this is my attempt to post pictures of Brianna. It's 10:30 and it's the only free time I have because both Bri and Stephen are asleep. I have 5,000 coupons to organize and 3,000 things to get together for our yard sale on Saturday (PLUG: being held at 3 Wilkes Ct in Pinehurst #6!!) but I did want to take the time to post some of these pictures. I think you will be amazed at the difference in this little cutie. I have some videos I'd like to post but I need the time to upload them as well. You'll see in these pictures Brianna is becoming more adventurous, sitting up on her own for several seconds, grabbing for everything, and even holding her own bottle for about 30 seconds!


Mom! I'm over here!

A girl just can't get enough attention.

It's exhausting entertaining all the time.


Now, what were we talking about?

Okay mommy, this is how you clip coupons... and eat them.

A whole new world...!

Mommy, either you've shrunk or I'm REALLY going through a growth spurt!

Leave me alone. Can't a girl eat in peace?

Hey, I'm almost sitting up by myself!

Wait, I AM sitting up by myself!!

This is so cool, I'm just totally amaz... hey, what's this?

Grandpa and a chew toy - two of my favorite things!


jennifer said...

Your captions are as good as Dad's! I love your baby girl.

Ken Loyd said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I hope you're right. And Amanda, I'm proud to be up there with the chew toys! Great post.

Kaitlin said...

what a cutie!