Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Federal Holidays Needed

Seriously, could we get some more federal holidays around here? Having Stephen at home yesterday was incredible!! When Brianna woke up at 9:10 I didn't even hear her. He had already been tossing and turning and just went on upstairs to get her. I was able to sleep soundly until 9:30 when I woke up on my own. Ahhh, bliss! After feeding her, I took her in the bathroom with me to play while I took a shower. When I walked out after getting ready, I walked into the kitchen and Stephen was standing over the oven making pancakes for breakfast. Yum!! My plan was, after feeding Bri at 11:00, to go do my drugstore run for the week. Unfortunately (or fortunately) she passed out in the middle of eating at 11:30. It was one of those naps where she was asleep in my arms and I didn't dare budge. So while I sat on the couch watching a movie and holding my beautiful sleeping baby, Stephen cleaned the bathrooms. Nice! (Keep in mind Stephen's OCD kicks in when he cleans the bathroom and it's more like a bacterial scrub-down.) After an hour he had finished and Bri was still sleeping soundly. When she woke up I gave him a break by taking her to the store with me, since I knew it would take a couple of hours and felt like he deserved some alone time or gaming time, whichever he wanted. When I got home it was only a couple of hours until I had to leave for Ladies Group at church, so Stephen was going to be babysitting again. Of course that was nice, to get out of the house, and the lesson was really good, so I'm glad I was able to go. Got home and Bri was squeaky clean and ready for her bedtime feeding. She did wake up once around 2:30 this morning. But the upstairs seemed cool and she was kicking around her blanket, so that may have had something to do with it. We turned the gas logs on yesterday for the first time, so it's good to know those are available whenever there's a chill in the house now!

Today we are going to mom and dad's for lunch and I think when I get home from that I'll start getting ready for church. We always eat there on Wednesdays and going today is really going to throw me off! But tomorrow is Brianna's shots at her 6-month (what!?!?!?) doctor's appointment, so we moved lunch to today just in case she's a crankypants. Also, Joy is coming over tonight, so that will help me feel more Tuesday-ish than Wednesday-ish!!

We brought down some of Brianna's toys yesterday that we stored in the attic because they were too old for her. One of them is this ball that has lights and talks (her favorite kind of toy of course) but the other cool feature is it rolls around and says things like, "Follow me!" and "Over here!" I love it! Especially now that she is creepawling (creeping/crawling) and she will follow the ball. She'll do whatever possible to get to where I am or Stephen is if she spots one of us. Also, this is really funny. If she's laying down on her playmat playing, and I walk by and she spots me, she will start wailing! You would think someone just stabbed this child! After about 30 seconds she sees something to play with and forgets about me. But it is SO funny!!

She has been spitting (blowing raspberries) for a long time, but last night her and I got in a spitting war. I was cracking up! I would do it, placing my tongue between my lips and blowing, but she can't quite do that yet. So she'd stare at me, place her tongue between her lips and then scrounge up all this energy and blow between her lips. All this spit and drool comes out when she does it! I'm much cleaner and more controlled. Anyway, then I would start laughing loudly which would scare her and she'd do one whine and turn it into a spit at the end. Then I'd spit at her again and we'd start all over again. Now that I'm typing it it's confusing and not that funny. Trust me, it was hilarious.

Uh oh, she's just spotted me and she's trying to come from the safe haven of the rug to the hardwood to reach me. I'll go grab her.

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