Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I forgot to say - lately Brianna has started sleeping with her butt sticking straight up in the air. It is TOTALLY cute and worth a picture, but oh my LORD do not wake up that sleeping child!! The wrath of God be on ye who wake her!

I want to take a picture sooooooo bad!! Resist! Resist!

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mae said...

Hey Amanda! Found your blog from Jenn's and I am so glad! Its cool to see you all grown up now (not that we are that different in age, but I always have thought of you as Jenn's little sis--Sorry!) I love your comments about Brianna! Emma slept like that, too. Definitely get the pic! Just take the camera in there with you when its time for her to wake up one day and she's sleeping in. Its worth it! We had/have a saying in our house about both of our baby girls: "You wake her, you take her!" So I understand about the wrath you'll face. You'll be glad later, though, when you have this cutie pie picture to put in her baby book (which I totally did for Emma; you can see it on our website Great to "talk" to you!